Alan + Brooke | Brisbane Engagement

After having a terrible day, all Brooke wanted to do was get home and forget about it all. She came through the back door like she had done every other day, through the kitchen around the corner to where she found Alan. In a room he had decorated with candles, he was down on one knee holding up a ring. Pretty sure it’s safe to say Brooke forgot all about the day.:)

Alan + Brooke_Engaged_001Alan + Brooke_Engaged_002Alan + Brooke_Engaged_002aAlan + Brooke_Engaged_003Alan + Brooke_Engaged_008Alan + Brooke_Engaged_009Alan + Brooke_Engaged_015Alan + Brooke_Engaged_018Alan + Brooke_Engaged_023Alan + Brooke_Engaged_025Alan + Brooke_Engaged_027Alan + Brooke_Engaged_056Alan + Brooke_Engaged_058Alan + Brooke_Engaged_061Alan + Brooke_Engaged_063Alan + Brooke_Engaged_064Alan + Brooke_Engaged_065Alan + Brooke_Engaged_074Alan + Brooke_Engaged_077Alan + Brooke_Engaged_078Alan + Brooke_Engaged_080Alan + Brooke_Engaged_092Alan + Brooke_Engaged_093Alan + Brooke_Engaged_098Alan + Brooke_Engaged_102Alan + Brooke_Engaged_104Alan + Brooke_Engaged_110Alan + Brooke_Engaged_111Alan + Brooke_Engaged_121Alan + Brooke_Engaged_123Alan + Brooke_Engaged_125Alan + Brooke_Engaged_126Alan + Brooke_Engaged_127Alan + Brooke_Engaged_129Alan + Brooke_Engaged_131Alan + Brooke_Engaged_139Alan + Brooke_Engaged_141Alan + Brooke_Engaged_162Alan + Brooke_Engaged_171Alan + Brooke_Engaged_186Alan + Brooke_Engaged_189Alan + Brooke_Engaged_197Alan + Brooke_Engaged_201Alan + Brooke_Engaged_203Alan + Brooke_Engaged_222Alan + Brooke_Engaged_226Alan + Brooke_Engaged_238Alan + Brooke_Engaged_241Alan + Brooke_Engaged_246


Mitch + hannah and their engagement shoot of awesomeness

When people come to me and ask, is it ok if we… I usually cut them off with “hey! They’re not my photos, they’re yours, you can do what ever you like!” Which more often than not ends with awesomeness. So with that we hung out in a pine forest and tuned a guitar šŸ˜‰ before going strawberry picking at Strawberry Fields Farm. Oh man they were some good strawberries. We then ended up at Aussie WorldĀ where we were keen for someĀ ferris wheel action, but alas, it was off getting a service (sad face) but we made the most of it still before the big storm hit. I’m so stoked with the job I have and the people I meet along the way. Thanks heaps for having me along guys! Big shout outsĀ to White Magazine for sharing their story, make sure you head on over to check it all out:)