The Silly Season

Tis the season to get a little silly. Holidays approaching if they haven’t hit already, light’s are flickering on roof top gutters and the price of bananas have come down! With this or that happening to us the last few years we’re determined to just plain have fun this Christmas. Go and see as many carols as possible, do the Christmas light tours, go to the nearest shopping centre (mall for you Americans ;)) and get photos with that bloke  and his belly like a bowl full of jelly. I’ve got that feeling again that I had as a kid, being able to watch my boys go through it now brings it all back! It’s Christmas! That time of the year where we open our door to the rellies and let our personal space bubbles take a break. Get into that Christmas spirit!

FYI we don’t take a break here, I know families sometimes only get together at times like this, so it’s a great time for a family portrait, so feel free to Email me to book a session, as long it’s not when I’m seeing my family that is 😉

Merry Christmas all!


Brisbane Photographer