Jim+Odette | Brisbane Wedding

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  • Natalie Wright said:

    Odie you are absolutely stunning.

  • Carolyn Cutforth said:

    Wow Odette - you're married! Congratulations x

  • Lynelle Anne Schofield said:

    love love love x.

  • Karen Cronje said:

    Gorgeous photos! Judd you have captured every precious moment!

  • Mirie Urli said:

    Wow, stunning stunning photos! Great job Judd, as usual. Odes and Jim look beautiful.

  • Vanessa-Brad Newell said:

    Ode & Jim - really stunning photos of a beautiful day - lovely memories... loved them all!

  • Regan Verwey said:

    Stunning, stunning and once again, stunning photos of Odes and Jim. Just loved each photo. And the venue was gorgeous too.

  • Natachia Ferreira Jansen said:

    Ag net to mooi you guys looked stunning - I loved your venue we have to go there we will have to celebrate your big day chxxxxx.

  • Fay Mahed said:

    congratulations mr and mrs jim wells cant wait to see you next year,,, these pictures are beautiful!

  • Jim Wells said:

    Great shots, you both look very happy and stunning, we are so happy for you both. Mum and Dad wells.

  • Vanessa Valentine said:

    Stunning photos - looks like you had an incredible day! So happy for you, Odes.

  • Karon Barnard said:

    Odie you looked gorgeous. Congratulations to the both of you. Sorry I missed when we at Tashie in September. I wish you love, happiness, peace and prosperity all the days of your lives together. Love Karon

  • Heidi Davies said:

    what wonderful photos, especially love the simple white flowers and the poses in the beginning. love the dress on the tennis court fence, brilliant. every picture was wonderful. lovely bride and groom in wonderful settings.

  • Lee-Ann English said:

    beautiful, just beautiful :-)

  • Scott Staley said:

    this is some really good work.

  • Kim Lancellas said:

    Oh Odes I have goose bumps! The most beautiful wedding pictures I have ever seen - you can feel the love between the two of you! I am soooo happy for you - you deserve it girl. Gods planning is just so perfect! Much love and blessings always xx.

  • Catherine Dickson said:

    awesome photos shared with an awesome friend.

  • Tricia Holmes said:

    stunning couple, stunning photos. Everything looked so special for the day.