Where the storm began

We were staying with family in Toowoomba over the weekend when the storms hit Brisbane. I took my camera with me hoping the skies would be clear for some good night shots, but the weather always has other plans for me, always. We could see the storm forming and keen for some moody landscapes I set off towards the scary looking clouds. The rain started pelting the windscreen and the wipers were set on turbo. It was very similar to a scene from the movie Twister, where everyone was driving the other way but me, common sense flashed through my mind a couple of times but I decided to keep going. I have to do a shout out to the nice woman who stopped to give me a lift thinking I’d broken down when I got out of my car and started walking up the road with my umbrella. The thought was there and it’s good to know these people are around, but when she saw I was just a crazy bloke with a camera, we both laughed and she drove off. So anyways, here’s a frame from yesterday, I’ll have to go back during summer and hopefully get some good sunflower shots and maybe if the weather will let me, some good night shots, maybe…

storm field

  • Scott Staley said:

    great photos