With a bad haircut, pimply face, no ambitions but a dead end job, ten years ago she said ‘I do’ to me anyway. She was a girl from the other side of the river and I can say, I am who I am today because of her. It was me, the water cooler and her when I asked her out, I can still remember what she was wearing.. Then on that river under fireworks she said yes again as I slipped a ring on her finger. Now we walk together, discover together, definitely laugh together and at each other. We’ve cried together, grieved together and have healed together and are raising two super awesome boys together. We’re still learning together and growing together. We can’t wait till we fulfil our dreams, then dream some more together. The highs are that much more higher and the lows never seem to last as we just be who we are and happiness is never far away. Happy ten year anniversary Dain. I Love you.

  • Rachel Attwood said:

    Happy anniversary you two! Lots of love to you both.. also, I still remember your wedding, and watching how beautiful Daina was, while walking down the isle with her daddy, towards you :') it was a beautiful day! Xo