Hi! I’m Judd and I like taking pictures of stuff, especially weddings…so yeah, if you’re getting married then we should talk! I’m totally a fan of marriage, I’ve been married since 2003, it’s the best. I believe photography is massively important on your wedding day, I don’t take it for granted, I love it.

I have two heroes. Rylie and Ted. My two boys. If it wasn’t for them, I wouldn’t see the world the way I do now. I made a conscious effort both times to watch them take their first breath. Watching someone fill their lungs for the first time… does something to you. I wouldn’t trade those moments and countless other moments like them… not for the whole world. They’re still teaching me how to be a better person every day.

I love life, life is awesome, I love smiles and a good laugh. I love to see people happy. I want to help people to be happy. I want to make a difference, not just be a photographer. Our dream is to be able to make a difference, support those who are actively changing the world for the better, rescuing orphaned/vulnerable kids around the world to see them grow up healthy and to their full potential. Hope. I love hope. Because I love seeing it brought to those who otherwise thought it was lost.

So anyways let’s catch up over a drink sometime, I’d love to hear about you, your life, your dreams, tell me about your wedding and if you let me be a part of it, I won’t take it for granted, I will help you remember how awesome it was in forty years+ time..

If you ever have any questions, or just want to say hi, or are just plain bored and your news feed on Facebook is having a slow day, feel free to drop me a line.

  • Nagesh Ramamurthy said:

    Great bio, Judd! I came to this page via the DPS article you wrote, ""Christmas Portraits - How I took it".