I’m looking forward to exploring some more in 2016. To explore the unknown, but just as important, to explore the familiar. To never do things because it’s…”how it’s done”, but to find new ways, better ways. I don’t want to take photos in 2016. I want to create. There’s so much more deep down that I only scraped the surface of in 2015, but I now know that it’s there and it’s time to explore it and see where it leads me. I want to share more moments with strangers, make eye contact, share smiles -maybe a random fist bump as we go our separate ways (that actually has happened, it was pretty cool haha). I want to do more for people who can’t repay me. I want to see more good will towards one another, not just at Christmas time. I want to see this world become a better place and do my part -as well as support others who are already doing their part. Those sort of people are my heroes and inspiration. To explore and enjoy every moment, because there’s never an encore, you can never get them back. But I’ll do my best to capture them. For you. For me. Let’s do this..

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