All That Shimmers | Inspiration Shoot

Stoked to share this shoot -seen recently on White Magazine. I got to work with some of Brisneyland’s best at a great venue. Let us know what you think, check out everyone involved and share the love around. Much appreciated.

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Concept and Styling/Furniture Hire: Moments In Vintage | Venue: Bundaleer Rainforest Gardens | Bridal Gown & Accessories: Begitta Bridal & Couture | Bridal Styling: Ally Dunlop | Bridesmaids Gowns & Accessories: Sentani | Groom & Groomsman’s Attire: Urbbana | Flowers: Redcliffe City Florist | Blackboard Signage: Blackboard Artworx | Rustic Wedding Products: Indigo Bark | Hair: Elisse Lancaster | Makeup: Velbella | Cake: Sweet Fix | Bling: Bridal Bling | Vehicles: Holden Oldies | Keg Beer Taps: Kegs Off Tap | Cutlery: Gold Wedding Hire | Models: Katie Martin, John Norris, Gemma White, Emma Bourne, Keifer Miller

66,79,79,75,32,78,79,87WON KOOB

Matt + Marissa | Engaged

When we were organising the engagement shoot Matt and Marissa won at A Darling Affair Brisbane (yeah I know right? How cool!) Marissa had only one question for me, “how do you feel about pets being in the shoot?” I’m so down with that, every time. -unless it’s a pet spider…no spiders, I beg you.. Anyways, congrats guys! 🙂Matt+Marissa_001Matt+Marissa_002Matt+Marissa_003Matt+Marissa_004Matt+Marissa_005Matt+Marissa_006Matt+Marissa_007Matt+Marissa_008Matt+Marissa_009Matt+Marissa_010Matt+Marissa_011Matt+Marissa_012Matt+Marissa_013Matt+Marissa_014Matt+Marissa_015Matt+Marissa_016Matt+Marissa_017Matt+Marissa_018Matt+Marissa_019Matt+Marissa_020Matt+Marissa_021Matt+Marissa_022Matt+Marissa_023Matt+Marissa_024Matt+Marissa_025Matt+Marissa_026

66,79,79,75,32,78,79,87WON KOOB