Dylan + Nicole Hitched

If anything puts a smile on my face, it’s seeing high school sweet hearts get married and being as in love as ever. I love this photo and couldn’t help but ask if I could share it, so cool. Thanks heaps for having us, loved hanging with you and your family! I know you two are gonna nail marriage 🙂Dylan + Nicole_001Dylan + Nicole_004Dylan + Nicole_005Dylan + Nicole_013Dylan + Nicole_002Dylan + Nicole_003Dylan + Nicole_006Dylan + Nicole_007Dylan + Nicole_008Dylan + Nicole_009Dylan + Nicole_010Dylan + Nicole_011Dylan + Nicole_012Dylan + Nicole_014Dylan + Nicole_015Dylan + Nicole_016Dylan + Nicole_017Dylan + Nicole_018Dylan + Nicole_019Dylan + Nicole_020Dylan + Nicole_027Dylan + Nicole_021Dylan + Nicole_022Dylan + Nicole_023Dylan + Nicole_024Dylan + Nicole_025Dylan + Nicole_026Dylan + Nicole_028Dylan + Nicole_029Dylan + Nicole_030Dylan + Nicole_031Dylan + Nicole_032Dylan + Nicole_033Dylan + Nicole_034Dylan + Nicole_035Dylan + Nicole_036Dylan + Nicole_037Dylan + Nicole_038Dylan + Nicole_039Dylan + Nicole_040Dylan + Nicole_041Dylan + Nicole_042Dylan + Nicole_043Dylan + Nicole_044Dylan + Nicole_045Dylan + Nicole_046Dylan + Nicole_047Dylan + Nicole_048Dylan + Nicole_049Dylan + Nicole_050Dylan + Nicole_051Dylan + Nicole_052Dylan + Nicole_053Dylan + Nicole_054Dylan + Nicole_055Dylan + Nicole_056Dylan + Nicole_057Dylan + Nicole_058Dylan + Nicole_059Dylan + Nicole_060Dylan + Nicole_061Dylan + Nicole_062Dylan + Nicole_063Dylan + Nicole_068Dylan + Nicole_069Dylan + Nicole_067Dylan + Nicole_070Dylan + Nicole_071Dylan + Nicole_072Dylan + Nicole_073Dylan + Nicole_074Dylan + Nicole_075Dylan + Nicole_076Dylan + Nicole_077Dylan + Nicole_080Dylan + Nicole_078Dylan + Nicole_079Dylan + Nicole_081Dylan + Nicole_082Dylan + Nicole_083Dylan + Nicole_066Dylan + Nicole_064Dylan + Nicole_065Dylan + Nicole_084Dylan + Nicole_085Dylan + Nicole_086Dylan + Nicole_087Dylan + Nicole_088Dylan + Nicole_089Dylan + Nicole_090Dylan + Nicole_091Dylan + Nicole_092Dylan + Nicole_093Dylan + Nicole_094Dylan + Nicole_095Dylan + Nicole_096Dylan + Nicole_097Dylan + Nicole_098Dylan + Nicole_099Dylan + Nicole_100Dylan + Nicole_101Dylan + Nicole_103Dylan + Nicole_104Dylan + Nicole_102Dylan + Nicole_105Dylan + Nicole_106Dylan + Nicole_107Dylan + Nicole_108Dylan + Nicole_109

Gregory Talbot - Perfect

Megan Attwood - Ohhhh these are gorgeous

Michael Dooley - This is awesome

Bob Graham - Amazing photos!

Sharon Golden - Lovely

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For Auld Lang Syne

Brisbane Photographer

It’s that time of year again where most people post their fav moments or highlights of 2014. I’m posting one picture, a self portrait -ok a selfie (I was trying to sound more formal/grown up) anywayz. It’s a selfie I took whilst checking out a location for an engagement shoot. It’s actually just a vacant block in Samford, there’s houses all around, but it’s all about perspective right? I was wondering what the neighbours where thinking -some crazy bloke setting his camera up on a tripod, then running up the hill with only 10 seconds to get into position. This frame was the first take, I didn’t get there quite in time, but most frames snapped slightly either side of the actual moment are often money. So yeah.. back to 2014. I’m just typing as I think, in the hope it’ll form sentences that’ll make sense -just an FYI. Me not posting any fav pics or highlights does not in anyway take away from the fact there were heaps! I got to photograph and work with some awesome peeps, I’m mean.. I’m still pinching myself and wondering why they chose me!? But stoked all the same! The people I meet, the people I photograph, are just unbelievable. I seriously can’t wait to see what 2015 brings, I’m hoping -not just for me, but for everyone, it’s a year that’s beyond everyone’s wildest imagination. So I hope your imagination is, well.. imaginative. Because no matter what 2015 deals you, it’s up to you to nail it. I reckon you can nail it too. Let’s nail it together, for auld lang syne…

Danielle Cagle - You do an awesome job I hope I turn out that great once I finish studying Photography and get a job

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