For Auld Lang Syne

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It’s that time of year again where most people post their fav moments or highlights of 2014. I’m posting one picture, a self portrait -ok a selfie (I was trying to sound more formal/grown up) anywayz. It’s a selfie I took whilst checking out a location for an engagement shoot. It’s actually just a vacant block in Samford, there’s houses all around, but it’s all about perspective right? I was wondering what the neighbours where thinking -some crazy bloke setting his camera up on a tripod, then running up the hill with only 10 seconds to get into position. This frame was the first take, I didn’t get there quite in time, but most frames snapped slightly either side of the actual moment are often money. So yeah.. back to 2014. I’m just typing as I think, in the hope it’ll form sentences that’ll make sense -just an FYI. Me not posting any fav pics or highlights does not in anyway take away from the fact there were heaps! I got to photograph and work with some awesome peeps, I’m mean.. I’m still pinching myself and wondering why they chose me!? But stoked all the same! The people I meet, the people I photograph, are just unbelievable. I seriously can’t wait to see what 2015 brings, I’m hoping -not just for me, but for everyone, it’s a year that’s beyond everyone’s wildest imagination. So I hope your imagination is, well.. imaginative. Because no matter what 2015 deals you, it’s up to you to nail it. I reckon you can nail it too. Let’s nail it together, for auld lang syne…

Danielle Cagle - You do an awesome job I hope I turn out that great once I finish studying Photography and get a job

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John + Renèe | Brisbane wedding photographer


I’m still grinning after this wedding. Everything was just…right. I find it funny, back when we did their engagement shoot, John’s main concern was being able to relax and smile for the camera. It’s pretty safe to say John had no worries at all the moment he saw his bride walking towards him, yep, awesome. Props to Paul for a perfectly ‘them’ ceremony before we went on to party until the taxies came. So stoked for the happy couple but jealous all the same after seeing all the photos from your honeymoon, haha.. Thanks for having us!
John+Renèe-16John+Renèe-90John+Renèe-102John+Renèe-160John+Renèe-23John+Renèe-45John+Renèe-47John+Renèe-133John+Renèe-145John+Renèe-252John+Renèe-53John+Renèe-55John+Renèe-57John+Renèe-161John+Renèe-247John+Renèe-258John+Renèe-255John+Renèe-68John+Renèe-1John+Renèe-31John+Renèe-2John+Renèe-4John+Renèe-98John+Renèe-111John+Renèe-121John+Renèe-158John+Renèe-166John+Renèe-172John+Renèe-197John+Renèe-198John+Renèe-205John+Renèe-215John+Renèe-220John+Renèe-236John+Renèe-238John+Renèe-242John+Renèe-113John+Renèe-307John+Renèe-287John+Renèe-290John+Renèe-292John+Renèe-314John+Renèe-276John+Renèe-280John+Renèe-281John+Renèe-318John+Renèe-320John+Renèe-323John+Renèe-329John+Renèe-338John+Renèe-340John+Renèe-343John+Renèe-353John+Renèe-365John+Renèe-369John+Renèe-371John+Renèe-373John+Renèe-375John+Renèe-384John+Renèe-389John+Renèe-395John+Renèe-396John+Renèe-406John+Renèe-408John+Renèe-414John+Renèe-425John+Renèe-434John+Renèe-436John+Renèe-523John+Renèe-440John+Renèe-571John+Renèe-577John+Renèe-596John+Renèe-603John+Renèe-625John+Renèe-626John+Renèe-634John+Renèe-668John+Renèe-674John+Renèe-697John+Renèe-698aJohn+Renèe-707Brisbane wedding photographerJohn+Renèe-730John+Renèe-736John+Renèe-738John+Renèe-741John+Renèe-743John+Renèe-749John+Renèe-751John+Renèe-762John+Renèe-786John+Renèe-789John+Renèe-797John+Renèe-811John+Renèe-825John+Renèe-826John+Renèe-839John+Renèe-845John+Renèe-850John+Renèe-855John+Renèe-858John+Renèe-859John+Renèe-871John+Renèe-872John+Renèe-883John+Renèe-886John+Renèe-890John+Renèe-898John+Renèe-908John+Renèe-913John+Renèe-915John+Renèe-922John+Renèe-926John+Renèe-937John+Renèe-870

Kerrin Straney - These photos are all lovely xx

66,79,79,75,32,78,79,87WON KOOB